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A Sustainable Christmas: DIY Wrapping

A Sustainable Christmas: DIY Wrapping

Waste is a HUGE issue in our world today but it is especially rife during the holiday Christmas period - something about this time of the year = EXCESS to the MAX! And it is not cool.

Fareshare estimates that the Australians will spend $10 billion dollars on food this year - with 35% of that food going to waste.

But it is not just food that we will be wasting.

How many boxes, pieces of plastic and paper do you think the average household throws away every year? Think about your own family Christmas - cleaning up all the paper and ribbon after opening presents...it is a nightmare!

Think about the environmental impact of all that wrapping!

Sustainable Table have written a great article on how to be mindful and responsible this Christmas, it has simple and easy tips to help you clean up your act!

Here is some wrapping inspiration I would like to share with you!

Sustainable Wrapping 101!

Sustainable wrapping, DIY wrapping for Christmas


I always love to use bits and bobs I find outside and around the house to wrap with - It makes the gift I am giving feel more personal and organic. If you have a look around your home and garden I am sure you will find something that could be beautiful!

A little leftover wrapping from things you may have purchased, newspaper, old clothing and cut offs from past crafting projects (as you will see here!) are great for using to wrap presents. 

I love wrapping with fabric - it must have started when I worked at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, I was there when we switched from paper and boxes to using scarves - they were inspired by the traditional Japanese Furoshiki!

To create this wrapping, I decided to raid my fabric cut-offs collection and explore outside to see if I could find some lovely native plants or flowers growing curb-side.

I found a bunch of olive trees and so borrowed some leaves! (Perfect as the recipient of this particular gift is Greek!)

All I did was wrap the gift with the fabric and then held the material in place with some twine - you may need a few pins here and there! I then tied up my leaves and with a few extra leaves wrote a little message in normal black pen - I know - super cute!

Sustainable gift tag, DIY gift tag, natural gift tag Christmas wrapping


This project would also be great with gum leaves!

There you have it! My recycled and sustainable wrapping idea!

I hope it has inspired you!

Any tips you might want to share for a more sustainable Christmas?

Lana xx



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