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8 healthy snacks that actually fill you up

8 healthy snacks that actually fill you up

Healthy and easy snacks you will love to take to work or school!

Most snack foods available at the shops and take away restaurants are highly processed, high in sugar and salt. They also are very likely to come in a ridiculous amount of plastic or packaging. 

Here is a list of my very favourite snacks and tips on how to make your choices more environmentally friendly too!

This is a delicious smoothie using the  Hummingbird Cleanse Blendie

This is a delicious smoothie using the Hummingbird Cleanse Blendie

1. Small smoothie

My favourite has 1/4 cup berries, 1/2 cup kefir and a sprinkling of oats or chia seeds. Add ice in summer for a refreshing and thicker smoothie. My pals over at Hummingbird make little superfood blendies which you can chuck into your blender to boost your vitamin and mineral intake!


You can store frozen berries in a container in your freezer and scoop out straight into your blender at home. If you are buying a smoothie out and about often, why not by your own reusable smoothie cup or bottle? Simply ask the smoothie/juice shop to pour your drink into this and you might even inspire others to do the same and save on packaging!

2. Wholemeal bread/wrap with an egg, salad and avocado

I have a little baby fry pan I use specially for eggs - I like to fry them and pop on top of a lot of my meals... Frying and egg - or having a couple boiled in advance! - is a quick source of protein which you can wrap up in some fibre rich wholemeal bread and then sprinkle over some baby spinach or finely shredded cabbage, a tablespoon of avocado and chilli flakes.

You can even do this sans bread- use a couple of cos lettuce leaves as cups - delicious and crunchy!


Instead of using plastic bags, you can take these along to work easily in a small reusable container or reusable fabric sandwich wrap which are available at most health food stores.

3. Hommus dip and wholemeal crackers/veggie sticks

Make your own or find a good quality hommus and chop up some veggies and you have the perfect take to work or school snack. Loads of fibre and plant based protein to keep you going!


Try making your own hommus with this delicious and easy recipe by Donna Hay. Making your own and taking to work in a container or jar will save on plastic packaging. 

My Salted Cacao Chia Pudding

My Salted Cacao Chia Pudding

4. Chia pudding

The perfect vegan snack, chia seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids and fibre. This means they take a little longer to digest, making them a filling snack.

My favourite has to be my salted cacao chia pudding, which you can get the recipe of here!


You can buy chia seeds, date and cacao powder in bulk without any plastic packaging at all at stores like The Source. I find it is often much fresher and better value for money also!

5. Yoghurt

1/2 cup of greek yoghurt is an amazing hunger buster. Choose unsweetened varieties with live cultures and add a sprinkling of seeds and nuts, some honey or a little fruit. 


I like to buy yoghurt in bulk - instead of buying lots of little plastic tubs - and portioning them out for work into jars with berries. nuts and seeds. You could also recycle the big tubs as makeshift compost bins, planters and food containers...so many options.

6. Handful of nuts

It's amazing how much a handful (30g-50g) of nuts can fill you up. They are full of fibre and good fats, and studies have shown that people who often enjoy nuts are more likely to be at a healthy weight and have a lower risk of heart disease amongst other health benefits.


Again, you can  buy nuts in bulk without any packaging at health food stores like The Source. This way you can also buy lots of different nuts, without having to commit to a huge bag. I like to choose local Australian nuts and support our Aussie growers. 

banana and peanut buttter

7. Piece of seasonal fruit, with nut butter

A banana and 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter is my favourite sweet snack. I don't even eat it because it's healthy but because it is delicious!


Shop at your local farmers market and I'll bet you will see a stall selling locally made nut butters and you will definitely see some seasonal fruit to pair with them. Shopping at farmers markets means you will be buying seasonal produce and supporting your local growers.

8. Guacamole & veggie sticks/wholemeal crackers

Another great snack to take to work. Making your own guacamole with avocado, garlic, olive oil, lime/lemon and tomatoes will be a lot healthier than store bought and it's not hard to make! 


I recently bought a container especially for my avocado. I used to use a plastic zip lock bag but this container works so much better! You can find them at health food stores and some grocery stores!


Happy snacking!

I hope you find this list of healthy snacks and tips helpful! Do you have any to add? Comment below - I'd love some more inspiration!

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