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My name is Alanna. I am a Nutritionist, Recipe Developer and Food Stylist based in Melbourne.

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 DIY Labels for Food Storage

DIY Labels for Food Storage

This isn't a super original or life changing tip however if you, like me want to organise your pantry with as little fuss as possible then this is the blog post for you!

I like to stock my pantry with a basic supply of wholefoods, mainly wholegrain and wholemeal grains, seeds, pulses and legumes. This makes it super easy to create healthy meals from scratch without too much umm-ing and ahh-ing.

Keeping these healthy foods visible in the pantry encourages me to use them and it is one of my essential tips for creating a kitchen that promotes healthy eating.

Using glass jars means I can see at a glance when I am are running low. Glass jars also seal nicely and are super cheap or even free most of the time! Another great reason is that they are way more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging.

Recently I was looking at my pantry and thinking that it needed a little upgrade, however I didn't really want to spend any money on getting new storage containers or labels. I also like to change up what I have in my pantry quite often. So I thought, why not create something practical and cute that could be easily updated.

DIY food labels pantry storage


What you need:

  • Masking Tape
  • Glass jars with lids
  • Permanent maker


  1. Wash your jars with hot soapy water and leave to dry.
  2. If there are labels on them simply let them sit in hot soapy water for 10 minutes. They should peel off easily with the help of a scrubbing brush
  3. Once your jars are clean and dry start sorting all of your teas, powders, nuts etc.
  4. Stick on the masking tape and write down the names of ingredients. You can also write down the expiry date or when you jarred the food - great for homemade preserves or granola!
DIY food storage labels eco friendly


Voila! Done!


Do you have any pantry hacks you want to share?


Lana xx

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