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My name is Alanna. I am a Nutritionist, Recipe Developer and Food Stylist based in Melbourne.

On my blog I like to share healthy recipes and nutrition tips. 

Businesses can contact me for nutrition consultations, recipe development and workshops.

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Simplify your morning routine

Simplify your morning routine

My tips for an easy and simple morning routine for optimal nutrition



1. Be prepared

For me and my food story for the day, this means I make sure to pack my lunch the night before. The benefits of this are:

  • No stress while I am lying in bed thinking about how I have to get up early to make lunch
  • Extra sleep in! (because I don't have to make my lunch!)
  • I can make extra dinner and use left overs as my lunch for the next day


  • While cooking dinner chop up extra salad or vegetables to go in a wrap, salad or sandwich
  • Freeze portions of dinners during the week and keep in the fridge

To make it fun why not go and buy some cute lunch boxes or food containers that you know fit in your bag. I also find an insulated lunch bag to be great if I have a small bag and must carry separately. For food safety also, an insulated bag with an iced block or iced bottle of water is a must on a hot day or if you do not have access to a fridge. You can also buy a thermos and take a homemade soup or stew to work!



2. Shop smarter not harder

If you are time poor and do not have time to chop and slice your veggies for the week, there is no shame in buying the prepackaged bags of sliced vegetables. Some supermarkets even have self serve options for pre-chopped vegetables! 

Items you can buy for a quick grab and go:

  • fresh produce
  • tinned beans and legumes
  • tinned tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon
  • microwave rice, quinoa and or blends of these
  • Small tubs of yoghurt
  • fruit
  • nuts
  • deli foods like olives, artichokes and salads

Don't shy away from frozen fruit and vegetables either. These are actually a lot higher in vitamins and minerals as they are frozen at their peak - allowing them to retain a lot of their nutritional content.


  • If you run out of fresh produce you still have healthy options in the freezer
  • Cut down on food waste
  • they are already cut and prepared so you can easily make a salad or sandwich
  • You can stock pile some items at home or work for when you are super busy

The I28 Challenge

This post was written in response to questions received from participants in the I28 Challenge in Albury/Wodonga.

The I28 Challenge was created by Jai Forster for people in Albury/Wodonga. It is not a challenge that measures you against anyone else.  It challenges you to learn something new. Testing your current level of awareness with movement & well being. The program includes 28-Days of focus, where you aim to come out the other side as a new “dialled in” version of yourself.

Participants receive

  • 28-Days of Unlimited Infinity Training sessions
  • Private Facebook accountability and support
  • Goal setting and mindset strategies
  • Nutritional guidelines and support

Jai is the owner at Anytime Fitness Albury, North Albury & Wodonga and founder of Unlimited Fitness and Infinity Training. Jai is on a mission to make health and wellness a priority on The Border and decrease the incidence of mental health issues of people in regional areas. He wants to see a reduction in suicides, especially in men.

Jai has 19 years experience in the fitness industry including:

  • B.App. Sci (Human Movement)

  • 2 x Age Group Australian Triathlete of the Year (‘99 & 2000)

  • Unlimited PT: Health and Wellness Business of the Year (Boroondara 2006)

  • 2 x Age Group World Triathlon Champion (2009 & 2010)

  • National PT coach for Anytime Fitness Australia (2013 & 14)

  • Anytime Fitness National Project Manager for Operations (2014-2017)

  • 2017 Filex Presenter (International Fitness Industry Convention)


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How to snack like a nutritionist

How to snack like a nutritionist