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My name is Alanna. I am a Nutritionist, Recipe Developer and Food Stylist based in Melbourne.

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Sustainable Cooking: 3 Ways to Cook with Stems

Sustainable Cooking: 3 Ways to Cook with Stems


In Australia we throw away between $8-10 billion dollars worth of food.

Imagine how many mouths we could feed with our waste? What about the environmental impact of this wastage?

Discarding the stems of our vegetables is something most of us are guilty of. Perhaps you do not think they are edible. Perhaps you just don't know how to cook with them.

The stems are still nutrient dense and delicious - Here are three super easy ways to cook with stems and reduce your wastage.

This also means you are packing in more vegetables into your meals - It's a win win!

Reduce wastage 3 ways to cook with vegetable stems


Sauteed with Garlic & Butter/Olive Oil

Beetroot stems and leaves and the stems of silverbeet/chard are a delicious side dish. Simply chuck the washed stems in a frying pan with minced garlic, olive oil or butter and saute until they have cooked through.

In a Soup or a Stew

Silverbeet/chard stems and brocolli/cauliflower stems are perfect to add to your soup and stew bases. With the broccoli just remove the hard outer skin and dice up the pale green insides!

Pasta Sauce

Dice up your stems of any vegetable and cook with the onion before adding your tomatoes and stock. These will cook down nicely adding some lovely flavour to your next spaghetti bolognaise! 

There you have it! Three simple and easy ways to reduce your food wastage.

What are your tips and tricks for reducing food wastage?

Lana xx


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