Nutrition Consultations for Small Business

Are you a local food and/or beverage business that needs the guidance of a qualified Nutritionist? Get the latest evidence based nutrition advice.

  • Nutrition guidance for marketing and consumer education purposes

  • Educational blog post & content writing and fact-checking

  • Evidence based nutrition training for your employees regarding the health benefits of your product

  • Q&A for your consumers


Sample Publications

The Protein Guide for People in a Rush - Hummingbird

The Porridge Down low - Hummingbird

Natvia Winter Special Sugar Free E-book - Natvia Natural Sweetener

PLUS recipes & nutrition tips for Australian Pole Dancers Magazine


One-on-one Healthy Cooking Consult

If you struggle to come up with recipes to keep up with your health goals, this one-on-one interactive cooking class at your home - or a hired kitchen in a location near you - is perfect to help you develop skills and know-how.

This session can be one-on-one or with a group of up to 6 people.

  • Learn how to cook balanced meals

  • Cooking techniques and tips to maximise nutrition

  • Create a seasonal shopping list

  • Create a seasonal 1 month meal inspiration guide

  • Recipes tailored to you and your families health goals, likes and preferences

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