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My name is Alanna, a Registered Associate Nutritionist and recipe developer based in Melbourne.

Growing up in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges with a professional cook for a Mum, appreciation of fresh produce and delicious food, I was always destined to be a foodie.

While we ate lots of fresh homegrown and locally sourced wholefoods, most days upon returning home it would not be surprising to find a freshly baked chocolate cake sitting on the kitchen counter (often with a slice or two missing already). A crumbly cinnamon dusted custard tart from the local bakery after school was also a common ritual. The thing is, food was not ever considered naughty or righteous in my house - it was just food. This way of living nurtured a healthy relationship with food. A valuable relationship that I am only now fully appreciating.

My love of food and passion for strengthening our food system led to my completing a Masters in Human Nutrition at Deakin University. 

With sustainability and health in mind, I take an evidence based non-diet approach to nutrition.

My goal is to pass on relevant and practical nutrition education and advice to individuals and businesses, to help nurture a positive relationship with food and our environment.

Alanna  xx